California's All-Subaru Shootout and Showoff

NOS Events Center - San Bernardino, CA
** September 18, 2022 **

Aristocrat Autosport

Official Sponsor

About Aristocrat Autosport:
With our core competency being all things Subaru. We are here to help supply you with all the knowledge and products to build your dreams into reality. Customer service is a huge focus and we don't try and push products down your throats. We like to cater to each individual in figuring out exactly which path they want to go down with their vehicle. This allows for us to provide you with suitable options or path guidance on parts to get you exactly what you need! With years of industry experience, we're here to help.

Why we love Subiefest:
This gives us a chance at seeing familiar faces while building new relationships with Subaru enthusiasts we have not yet encountered. This truly is a gathering of great, like-minded Subaru enthusiasts which gives us a chance to expand into their other fields of interest when coming into contact with one another. After all, we're all family here.

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