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** October 5, 2024 **

Chris Klaus 's 2005 Other Aero

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Car Description:
This is last year's defending champ in the "Other" category.

This is my WRB Saab 9-2X Aero that has been outfitted with:

-JDM Blobeye STi Ver8 ej207 motor (8k rpm redline factory)

-Prodrive UK 8k redline cluster

-Entire SG9 Forester STi Driveline 5x100 6 speed (Non-DCCD w/ AP SureTrac LSD F&R) w/ Brembos

-2007 USDM STi Limited black leather interior and numbered console #474/800

-World Rally Blue paint

-17x9 Enkei RPF1s (in gold of course)

Ive wanted one of these for 15 years and sold my 500hp 2018 STi last year to build it. Its made of 5+ cars from all over the world, this is a true subaru nerds grab bag shoved into a Saab. Whats not to love, honestly? A Japanese car made in japan, by the japanese automaker, for a swedish automaker, for an american automaker, for sale only in North America for two years....

Chris's Social Media Info:
- http://www.facebook.com/chris.klaus.965
- http://www.instagram.com/that_blue_saab

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