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David M's 2014 Impreza Limited premium

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Car Description:
I brought a 2014 Subaru Impreza Hatch to Subiefest FL and let me tell you, these cars cars have gotten me through thick and thin. I have spent countless hours with my grandpa under and over these cars. From my backyard clutch install in my 2009 narrow body, to taking apart the whole dash to get to the evaporator out of my 2012 WRX. We always spent our bonding time around cars and maintenance even though at the time I didn’t think oil and coolant were that important. I didn’t learn with my Honda, but after soiling my Forester’s engine due to lack of oil I quickly realized how expensive these rebuilds can be. So now before I even go to the store I’ll take a gander at the dipstick and coolant. Lesson learned. Lessons, wisdom, and integrity is what my grandfather was able to hand down over the years.

Puzzles don’t seem to excite me, but when it’s time to throw new parts at my car those great memories with my grandpa, pass by my head when modifying or maintaining these cars. I’m making good use to his tools since his passing, and I know that he’s looking down making sure I don’t lose another 10mm bolt.

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