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Kyle M's 2016 Impreza WRX STI Premium

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Car Description:
Although I purchased this car used, all of the items listed below were done by me. When I acquired this STI it had a cobb stage 1 tune w/ cold air intake.

Meet my fifth Subaru, aptly named "Gaparu". Every detail of this build was curated for uniqueness, steering away from the off-the-shelf solutions. While many might opt for a standard IAG setup, I strived for distinction. Instead of picking up an IAG Stage X build, I joined hands with Kings Performance to craft something truly singular, taking inspiration from the iconic "White Bullet STI". We use several IAG products, but that's where it stops.

Gaparu isn't just about looking good; it's about performance in every scenario. Whether it's a drag strip, an HPDE session, a track day sprint, or time attacks, this vehicle is designed to outperform. Its essence? Being unparalleled, whether on a straight stretch or a sharp turn. Whether it's an unplanned sprint on a secluded road or outpacing high-end sports cars at track days, Gaparu stands tall.

Every component, from the fully adjustable coilovers to every suspension component being adjustable, emphasizes precision and performance. Comprehensive chassis reinforcement comes courtesy of Cusco, while the custom-engineered block started with an IAG closed deck, and was further customized by us utilizing ACH for all additional Bore, sleeving and honing. This allowed it to fit and meet the demand for our specific pistons, rods, billet cam, and crankshafts. The heads were custom done for some of the highest flowing CFM heads on an EJ257. I cannot stress how well done the block/heads were by Advanced Cylinder Heads to Kings Performances specifications based on my vision for this build. The masterpiece that emerged is nothing short of splendid.

It's worth noting that Willy from Kings Performance is no stranger to excellence, holding numerous world records across various automotive disciplines. Their expertise made them the quintessential partner for this build, ensuring Gaparu is not just another car, but a testament to engineering and passion.

KP1000 Street/Strip Engine Package
Kings Performance Long Block EJ257 Closed Deck:

Sleeved Block: IAG Case Halves bored and honed to 99.75mm
KP Pinned Mains: 9.5mm pinned mains and line honed
KP O-Ring: IAG Fire-Lock or similar head gaskets required
KP Spec Custom CP Pistons: 99.75mm
KP Spec HD .250" / .927" H13 Wrist Pins
KP Spec Manley I Beam Rods: 130.5mm with ARP 625+ fasteners
KP Race Bearings: ACL Main/Rod Bearings
KP Spec Blueprint and Engine Clearances: Suitable for Race/Street/Strip
KP 14mm L19 Head studs
KP Spec 79mm Billet Crank
Case/Main Bolts: ARP Bolts
IAG competition series oil pan with baffle, windage tray and 30% increased oil capacity
IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported EJ25 11mm Oil Pump
Cusco Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

KP1000 EJ257 Head Package

Brand New Subaru OEM WRX STI Cylinder Heads (Pair), CNC Port & Polish (Intake and Exhaust Runners)
Redrilled for 14mm Heads Studs
Hot Tank and Resurface with Ultrasonic Cleaning
KP Valve lash
Ferrea 37mm (+1mm) Comp Plus Intake Valves
Ferrea 33mm (+1mm) Comp Plus Exhaust Valves
GSC Dual Conical Valve Spring Set with Titanium Retainer & Chromoly Seats (95lb)
Ferrea Valve Keepers
Ferrea Valve Stem Seals
GSC Manganese Bronze Valve Guides
GSC Stage 3X Billet Camshafts: Set of 4 (280/280 @.050 / Lift: .425 /.425)
Complete Multi-Angle Valve Job
Machined Cam Lobe Clearance
New KP O-Ring Headgaskets (Same as IAG)
OEM Lifter Buckets
Full KP Balance & Blueprint
Garrett GTX3582R Gen 2 W/ Upgraded Tial Ext Wastegate in Red
Walbro 450 x2 fuel pumps in Radium Hanger
ID 2600 injectors
Process West Intake Manifold
IAG Big Bore 82mm Throttle Body w/ Electronics & Adapter Package for Subaru STI Process West Intake Manifold
IAG Performance Competition Series Engine Mounts
IAG Street Series Pitch Stop
Perrin Front Mount Intercooler
Mishimoto X-line Aluminum Radiator
TGV Deletes with 8mm Phenolic Spacers
Mishimoto Cold Air Intake

ECU & Electronics System

Haltech Elite 2500 ECU - While retaining all factory features such as AC, DCCD, Cruise, etc, that are typically lost with a standalone system
Haltech iC-7 Colour Display Dash x1
Haltech CAN Keypad 8 Button 2x4 - Anti Lag, Launch Control, Data Log, TCS, Track Timer and more

Transmission and Driveline

IAG Performance Competition Series Transmission Mount
PPG 1st - 4th Straight-Cut Synchro Gear Set rated 1000+HP
STI Front Axles (Pair) - Road Race CV Upgrade
STi Pro-Level Rear Axle/Hub Kit (Pair) - Road Race CV Upgrades
Carbon Fiber Driveshaft - Rated: 850WHP+ or 190 MPH
IAG Performance Chromoly Transfer Gears for 1.1:1 Transmission - Rated: 1200 WHP/800 WTQ at 3000+ LBS
Cusco Front Type-RS - 1.5 Way Limited Slip Differential
Comp Clutch STi 2.5L Turbo (Pull Type) Twin Disc Ceramic Clutch Kit

Suspension and Chassis

BC Racing / KP Spec
Series: ZR Series
Special Features: External Reservoir
Rear Extenders

Adjustment Options:

Rebound adjustment: 30-clicks
Low-speed compression adjustment: 15-clicks
High-speed compression adjustment: 12-clicks
Swift Spring Upgrade Option

Front Specifications:

Compression Bleed: 1 step stiffer
Rebound: 2 steps softer
Swift Spring: 200-8kg with a helper spring
Mount: Pillowball mount

Rear Specifications:

Compression Bleed: 1 step softer
Swift Spring: 200-8kg
Pillowball mount

Cusco Rear Control Arms
Cusco Subaru STI Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arm
Cusco Adjustable Rear Trailing Arms
Cusco Rear Lateral Link Adjustable Toe Arms Provides +/- 12mm Toe Correction
Cusco Power Brace Rear Member Side
Cusco Power Brace (Rear Lower)
Cusco Power Brace (Floor Center)
Cusco Rear Member Power Brace
Cusco Reinforced Differential Carrier
Cusco Side Power Brace
Cusco Power Brace Front Cross Member
Cusco Power Brace Power Steering
Alloy Front Lower Control Arm (Complete) Offset Caster
Perrin Front Strut Tower Brace
Mission Rear Strut Tower Brace
26mm Sway Bar Front 22mm Rear Fully adjustable end links
Enkei RPF1s 18x8.5

Subispeed Special Edition LED Headlights with DRL & Sequential Turn signals
Subispeed JDM Style Sequential Tail lights
Baja Designs Pro Fog Lights Amber
Molded Innovations Cyclops Edition Rear Brakelight Version 3 w/ DRL bar
Morimoto LED License Plate Lights

DBA 4000 Series Drilled / Slotted Rotors
Hawk Ceramic Pads
Braided Stainless brake lines

ETS V2 MaxFlow Header Exhaust Manifold
Invidia Uppipe
Invidia R400 Signature Series Turboback Exhaust Package with Invidia high-flow Catted Downpipe

Audio System
Custom 10.9" Android head unit with climate control integrated.
Front Door Woofers and Dash Tweeters - JBL Club 605CSQs 285W
Rear Door Speaker/Tweeter Combo - JBL Club 625SQ 225W
Rear Deck Subwoofer - Memphis Audio MJM812 1800W

Additional Upgrades
Verus engineering hood scoop block off
Kartboy short-throw shifter
Molded Innovations Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Molded Innovations Carbon Fiber E-brake handle
Cusco E-brake button (red)
Subaru JDM STI Shift Knob
Subaru JDM Push button start (red)
Perrin Wing Stabilizer x2

Kyle's Social Media Info:
- http://www.facebook.com/kyle.mcdonald.5454
- http://www.instagram.com/@gap.aru

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