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Route 66 Raceway - Joliet, IL
** September 24, 2023 **

Sebastian S's 2010 Legacy 3.6R

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Car Description:
This Subaru has been my daily driver since 2015 when I got it used with around 100,000 miles on it. Since then I put on close to another 100,000 miles on it. From the daily trips to my college, to the long commutes to work, along with many adventurous drives to various car meets and events, I enjoyed every single moment with this car. I wanted to modify this car to make it my own, but also not hurt the aspect of daily driving. I consider this car lightly modified for a Subaru but heavily for a 5th generation Legacy. The engine is completely stock other than a Takeda cold air intake. I have experimented with some exhaust setups, with INVIDIA N1s being my favorite to just installing WRX Axle-backs for quiet daily driving. There are a lot of things done to the suspension, Koni struts, RCE Springs, and various dirty bits like sway bars, bushings, and endlinks. One of my favorite installs was the Brembo STi swap paired with DBA 4000 series slotted rotors and stainless steel brake lines. The exterior is tastefully modified, including a front splitter, custom front grill, typical Hella horns, yellow fog lights, and Rally Armor. I was really debating on installing a 15+ STi wing but still on the fence with that. I loved seeing the car evolve through the years into my own personalized car.

I wish I could use the car more to its full potential other than just spirited driving. I always tell myself that I want to go track it but I never have time or the opportunity. But no matter what, I absolutely love this car. I think it is one of the best daily driving Subarus out there and I am lucky to own it.

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