The Inaugural Texas Subaru Enthusiast Festival

Lone Star Park - Dallas
** September 10, 2023 **


Official Partner

About Autoscience:
Auto Science is a Subaru focused performance, repair, and machine shop. We offer in house engine building, fabrication, machining and general maintenance services to customers and other shops and dealerships in DFW.

Why we love Subiefest Texas:
We love to coming to Subiefest to show what we can do and to be a active part of the Subaru community.

Why you should come to our booth at SFTX 2023:
Come see our booth to see our H6 turbo race car and to purchase Auto Science and IAG products right from the booth(engines included and will be at the event to take home).

What we're giving away at SFTX 2023:
IAG Stage 2 Short Block

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