California's All-Subaru Shootout and Showoff

Perris Fairgrounds - Perris, CA
** October 17, 2021 **

Subiefest FAQ

Q: What are the event hours of Subiefest?
A: 9am to 5pm

Q: Can I leave Subiefest and come back in?
A: Yes

Q: I bought 2020 tickets and converted them to 2021. When will I get my 2021 tickets?
A: Yes, you'll be emailed them on 7/9/21.

Q: So, there's still this thing called covid. How are you handling the pandemic with this event? What should I be prepared to do?
A: We are following all local and state guidelines for our event and will notify attendees if any there are any requirements for vaccinations or masks as soon as we know about them. We encourage everyone to do what they feel comfortable with in terms of social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands. We will not allow any blame, shame or attacking of attendees for any personal decisions made. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event at key locations such as our information booth. If you aren't feeling well, please stay home and let us know via We will provide a refund for your ticket for you doing the right thing for all.

Q: Are drones allowed?
A: You must have proof of insurance and written permission from a staff member. Talk to someone at the info booth during event.

Q: Can I bring my EVO / Ford F-150 / Mazdaspeed3 / Miata / Other?
A: Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes-all cars & vehicles are welcome

Q: Is alcohol allowed or sold at Subiefest?
A: No, Subiefest is a dry event. Anyone found in possession of or using alcohol or drugs at Subiefest will be asked to leave.

Q: Can I bring my own grill / hibachi / flame thrower?
A: No. Open fires are NOT allowed.

Q: Will food be available?
A: Yes, full lunch concessions will be available.

Q: Can I bring my sweet butterfly knife, nun chucks, 40mm?
A: Weapons are not allowed at Subiefest.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes. Leashes are absolutely required and failing to clean up after your pet will result in instant removal from the event.

Q: Refunds?
A: No refunds, regardless of circumstance. All ticket sales are final.

Q: Does my GF / BF / wife / husband get in for free if they don’t own a Subaru or are not Subaru enthusiasts?
A: No, tickets are per person and it's up to you to turn him / her / them into a Subaru enthusiast!

Q: Can I bring stuff to sell?
A: No, only paying vendors can sell at Subiefest. Anyone vending or marketing products or services at Subiefest w/o being an approved vendor will be asked to leave.

Q: Can I bring my kids, parents, grand parents?
A: YES!!! Subiefest is, by design, a fun for the whole family event. Under 16 and over 65 get in for free.

Q: ATM on site?
A: Yes!

Q: WIFI/Internet service?
A: Nothing official through Subiefest for attendees.

Q: Car Trailer parking?
A: Yes, if you are trailering a car to Subiefest there will be plenty of spaces to drop your trailer away from the masses.