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michael Y's 2005 Legacy GT 2.5i

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Car Description:
This vehicle is very unusual and is frankly an on-going project that has evolved over seven (7) years of constant change. Although there are many of the core components from numerous Subaru vendors. We have had to modify many of them in order to allow us to develop our engine to our specs. For example, the heads and the cams that are placed on our new engine are unlike any heads or cams (to our knowledge) in the USA. We calculated that with these new components we might approach a reliable 1000 + whp on only 30 to 40 ft. lbs of boost, which will be a shock to the Subaru community. As normally at that level of power usually requires between 45 to 70 lbs of boost, or a combination of extreme boost and / or Nitrous. Our testing indicates that we won't require either of those two extremes to achieve our power goals. But when your a group like ours consisting solely of mechanical and electrical engineers you end up with this project, which is a never-ending project and experiment. We think your crowd at Subiefest might get a kick out of the vehicle!
Event: Dyno-11-2022 Grandpa’s Toy
Location: Rocklin CA Component & Parts List
Ambient Temp: ?
Elevation: 146 ft
Weather: Sunny
Maximum Power=MAP #1=927whp at 6100rpm and 832 ft lbs. of torque@ 5500rpm, For show purposes and testing we keep the power quite low. As we have under MAP #2 achieved the low 700's primarily to test various components and metal treatments and to make the car more durable and drivable at road tracks like Willow Springs.

Car: 2005 Legacy GT
Tuner: FW Motorsports
Dyno Info: Dyno-Jet, STP correction
Transmission: STI – Spec B - 6 speed, First four gears are STI gears, fifth and sixth are much taller providing much more top end than an STI Transmission.
Cobb Quick Shift Kit
Oil: Amsoil Synthetic 10-40wt.
Fuel: Ignite E90
Weight: Stock-3485lbs, Lightened-2635lbs,

Engine/Power Modifications:
Outfront Motorsports V4-2.5Liter Closed Deck Block Haltech Elite 2500 ECU running- Speed Density
Perrin Heavy Duty Motor & Transmission Mounts
CSF Oversized Radiator, w/built-in oil cooler
Cosworth HP Oil Pump PTFE fuel system
Crawford High Pressure water pump
RCM 160 degree Thermostat
ETS FMIC w/ 4" core
CP 8:4 pistons Supertech +1mm Inconel larger valves with matched springs
Currently using, Elgin Custom cams matched to valve lift and head flow criteria are being used, 8mmTGV Phenolic Intake Spacers
ID 2000cc top feed injectors & Radium fuel rail Radium TGV Deletes
Radium Engineering Surge Tank
ETS Custom 4” Cool Air System (modified by M&M)
3-Walbro 455 LPH Staged Fuel pumps Comp Turbo Cust. Twin Scroll Turbo-CT4x-6065-3bb unit, Designed to be used with new heads and cams.
Manley Turbo Tuff I-beam rods ATI Crank Pulley
Pinned King Bearings Crawford Catch Can
Manley Billet crank is installed in new motor. Tomei Adjustable Cam Sprockets
M & M Custom 3” Down Pipe
M & M Custom 3” Exhaust, Up-Pipe T4 mount, Dual dump tubes w/twin 44mm Tial wastegates
Outfront Motorsports 1/2" head studs, ARP bolts and studs used throughout the entire motor However, the new motor uses custom Heads and head work by Replika Machinsen Porting & Valve job. These heads flow 15% more across the entire powerband than IAG Stage 4 heads.
All parts in the new motor are WPC and Cryo Treated
IAG- EJ Competition Oil Pan, V2 Oil Pickup, Competition Baffle and Windage Tray

Driveline Modifications:
B8 Bilstein shocks & Struts Whiteline Differential Reinforced Chassis mounts
Rallytek Springs AVO End Links
Rallytek Sway Bars Torque Solutions Full Support Driveshaft Carrier Bearing
Megan Racing Adjustable Front and Rear linkage
All bushings on car have been replaced with Polyurethane bushings
Drive Shaft Shop – Custom Carbon Fiber Driveshaft capable of handling 1100whp.

Wheels & Brakes
EBC Rotors and Pads – Should have Brembo Brakes on the front by July 2023 Motul High Temp Brake Fluid
Subaru rear calipers, EBC Rotors RPF1- Custom Powder Coated Enkei Racing Rims Toyo Red Dot High Performance Tires, or M&H Slicks
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Kirkey Seat and cushions
Custom Rollbar
Custom Lexan Windows
Custom PLX and Innovate-Data logging Digital Guages
Element Fire Extinguishers

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