California's Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival

Santa Anita Park - Arcadia, CA
** August 4, 2024 **

Stephanie Tran's 2019 BRZ Base

Member #63593 :: Car Show Entry

Car Description:
*things done to my car:
-Space Gold Black Green Tinybot wrap.
-Lip kit
-customized taillights
- FR1 Wheels
-Falken Tires
-Varis carbon fiber hood with PPF
-TRD quad exhaust
-Airlift Performance Kit

It's a Toyota 86, But still have a Subaru Boxer Engine/ subaru parts in it. This will be my second California car show, I just moved here a year ago from Texas. I use my car as a daily. Therefore, I know my car isn't really car show worthy, but I'm entering it in just for fun. :)

Little details
There is a koi fish sticker on the back windshield, that represents mental strength in chinese,my boyfriend had passed away a year ago and always wanted to have a house with koi fishes. Therefore, i designed the sticker by myself

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