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Santa Anita Park - Arcadia, CA
** August 4, 2024 **

Robert G's 1996 Other Vivio Bistro

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Car Description:
Subaru's 660cc JDM Kei car with a twist - it's the Bistro model which gives it a faux classic car look, which was popular in Japan at the time. This car is designed to meet the Japan Kei classification of car to enjoy tax, registration, and parking privileges based on it's size and horsepower. This car is equipped with a "EMPI Clover 4" which stands for Electronic Multi Port Injection. The transmission is an "ECVT", which means it's a CVT belt style transmission with an Electronically controlled powdered metal clutch. It's unusual feature is the car does not creep forward in drive until you give it some throttle. The interior makes the most of it's space and a six footer can drive this car comfortably.

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