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** August 4, 2024 **

Craig K's 2023 BRZ Limited

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Car Description:
I like to build my car with clean cohesive intention. If It would look good as an OE part on an exotic track car then that’s what I’m going for.

Instarted with the essential performance mods, intake and exhaust so I could get a proper stage 2 time. For my exhaust I wanted to keep the sound deep but pleasant. I went with the HKS Legamax Catback for its clean quiet tone that way as I built up the the headers and the system grew louder it would still be in an aggressive but tolerable range. For the same reason I went with the JDL ultra quiet mid pipe/ over pipe combo. For my headers I am running the Tomei UEL’s. This both addresses that mid range torque dip and brought back the sweet Subie rumble that makes these engines so recognizable. I wish I could fire it up for you!

I went gloss black on all my trim pieces and roof to go with my OEM exotic feel. Interior is mostly stock but I did some custom rewiring of the aux cable so it no longer runs out of the middle of the center console.

I wanted a wheel rim combo that was suited for track performance but still fit the overall build theme. I got a set of Time Attack Edition Rays ZE40’s in 17x9+42. It’s true perfect combo of performance and looks. At 15lbs each, The gloss black works perfectly with the trim and the red stripping has that STI style vibe to it. The fitment is perfect and requires no modifications even on the lowered Eibach pro kit springs.

To bring it all together I am running a EcuTek stage 2 tune by Delicious tuning. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy.

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