Stephanie Davenport's 2014 Impreza WRX STI

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Car Description:
This is Yoshi, my fully built motor (M-Tuned at Kozmic Motorsports) 2014 Subaru STi. I have always had a passion for cars as a child, which intensified as soon as I started driving. She is car # 14 in ownership, but I will keep her forever, as this was my dream car. She might look stock on the outside, but a ton of blood, sweat, and tears went into the making of what she is now. Yoshi is far from completion, though... Still in the works of upgrading the suspension for Autocross. Here is the short version mod list:
ETS Titanium Intake
Invidia Down Pipe and Catless Exhaust
Cobb Air/Oil Separator
Cobb Fuel Rails/ Fuel Kit
2015 Subaru STi OEM Factory Steering Rack & Pinion Assy
2020 Subaru STi OEM Factory Suspension Assembly
King Racing Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Manley H Tuff Connecting Rods
Mahle PowerPak Pistons (99.75mm)
ARP Head Studs
Orbit Oil Pump
Killer B Oil Pickup
Killer B Windage Tray
Shim Buckets
Subaru OEM 2008+ STi Gasket Set
Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit w/ Water Pump
IAG TGV Deletes
IAG Secondary Air Pump Deletes
Perrin Silicone Inlet
BCP X500+ Turbo w/ Oil Feed Lines
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit
ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kit STi
ACT Streetlight Flywheel
Subaru OEM Thermostat
AVCS Cam Gear Bolts
AVCS Exhaust Cam Gear
Injector Dynamics 1700cc Injectors
NGK Spark Plug Iridium
Aeromotive EFI Regulator
ETS Subaru STi Titanium Mount Intercooler Kit
Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator
Tial Q Blow Off Valve 10psi Spring Silver q.10
Walbro 450 HP Fuel Pump (High Pressure)
Plug and Play Speed Density Kit w/ IAT Sensor
Dyno M-Tuned - Kozmic

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