The Biggest Subaru Enthusiast Festival In Texas

Lone Star Park - Dallas
** October 19, 2024 **

SFTX 2024 Clubs and Groups

Are you a Subaru Club or Group that wants to have space at SFTX to attract new members and even sell some of your swag?

In 2024, we're working with select groups within the Subaru community to help promote SFTX in exchange for a free vendor booth. Our purpose is to grow the Subaru enthusiast community and the awesomeness that it is. If that's your main purpose, then let's work together!

What we're offering to clubs:

  1. A free vendor booth with space for one 10' x 10' tent and a car (more info here).
  2. Logo in the sponsor section of our website
  3. 4 vendor badges
  4. Participation in our email opt-in system

What we're asking for in exchange:

  1. To promote the event to your members!!
  2. An official [YOUR CLUB] @ SFTX FB event within your FB group (caravans and pre-meets encouraged!)
  3. Use of a club specific URL in your promotions so we can track your ticket sales
  4. Promotion of SFTX on your IG page using our official hashtag: #SubiefestTX2024

**Important: failure to execute on #2 and #3 above will result in a cancellation of your group's booth space.**

Have an established Subaru Club and want to get involved? Sign up as a club for free here.