The Inaugural Texas Subaru Enthusiast Festival

Lone Star Park - Dallas
** September 10, 2023 **

SFTX Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Responsibilities

It's quite simple. You're responsible for helping put on one of the largest Subaru enthusiast festivals that ever happened, a one day celebration of the best car community in existence. In order for it to better and grow the community, the event has to be executed well. That's where you come in. While we have a few part time staffers (all formerly volunteers), volunteers such as yourself are the ones really running the show.

That all being said, by signing up as a volunteer, you're committing to arriving by your designated shift and working the whole thing! You'd be surprised how many people sign up and bail, leaving the event day a total struggle for the rest of the volunteers. Volunteering is work, but overall pretty easy, be it flinging event shirts to fellow attendees or scanning tickets. If you need relief or are miserable, it's up to you to speak up to a staff member.

Volunteer Perks

  • Free event admission
  • Free lunch
  • Event shirt
  • Exclusive staff shirt
  • Goody bag
  • 20 door prize tickets
  • 20% off coupon code to

New Volunteer Signup Process

In order to apply to be a volunteer you must first have a ticket to the event, unless our system indicates that you've volunteered in the past. Unfortunately we've had too many events where a solid 40 volunteers have no-showed, leaving us understaffed and struggling to put on the event. Don't worry, we're not charging people to volunteer. Every volunteer that shows up on the day of the event will instantly have their ticket refunded, on the spot.

Otherwise, please find the "Become a Volunteer" link on the user dashboard after you've bought a ticket.