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Ryan M's 2005 Baja Turbo

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Car Description:
2005 Baja Turbo Mod List
- 106k miles currently, low miles for its age and desired trim/color
- SLOZ Monster Lift Kit (4.5 front 5.5 rear). This thing is a beast
- Black Rhino Boxer Wheels (gold)
- Wildpeak AT3s
- SUBARU BRAT BED SEATS, custom fab required to get them mounted into bed
- factory bed extender
- 9/10 paint job, just had some areas touched up. very clean for an offroader. that being said I USE this subaru. ;)
- RFRB Legacy grill, non replica. restored and painted flat black to match other accents on vehicle
- Primitive engine skid and diff guard
--------- interior --------------
- 9.7/10 interior. one of the cleanest ive ever seen. Leather looks brand new, soft touch areas are still immaculate
- OEM paddle shifters taken from a 2005 outback. required custom splicing two difference tcu harnesses together, no other Baja is running these. coolest part is they're plug and play now
- newer style OEM compass mirror
- two OEM under-seat subwoofers. one from an impreza and the other from a 2005 STI
- 2003 steering wheel from a 2003 Yellow baja, the only one that had the grey leather accents
- factory radio cupholder trim
- Weather Tech front floor mats
- aftermarket Kenwood Stereo
- changed the cluster light colors
- everything works

-------- mechanicals------------
- as close to stock as possible
- has a Mishimoto rad to help with cooling issues, trans cooler is custom work
- OEM catless WRX up pipe
- muffler delete for departure clearance, these bajas came with turn down style exhausts

***** I was not sure which category to enter the Baja in. I use it as an off roader, but I feel that if I enter the overlanding category it will be up against people with 10k in RTTs and awnings, we don't so much live in our Baja, We use it to explore the hard to reach places in the Rockies. I would appreciate any suggestions on which category would be best for this lifted Turbo Baja. ****

I spent half my life waiting to get this Baja, and the last 3 years slowly realizing the vision I had for it, piece by piece. I would be so honored to show it to other people. This build has a lot of the big checkboxes marked off for the people that get into them, the last piece of the puzzle I need is an EJ dual range 5 speed.

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