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** October 5, 2024 **

Jovann Garrison 's 2016 Impreza WRX Base

Member #33533

Car Description:
E30 tuned

Had the car since I was 15 years old and got it brand new in November of 2015. It was my first car (obviously) and it has taken care of me just as I have took care of it. I’ve learned a lot about maintenance owning this car. It’s mostly stock with an E30 tune that’s plenty fast for me as I have gotten fat tickets in the past. It’s not the most mint WRX here as it is a daily driver but it is my pride and joy. It brings a smile to people and it makes me feel good seeing kids give me a thumbs up.

Jovann 's Social Media Info:
- http://www.facebook.com/jovann.garrison
- http://www.instagram.com/@bambamjovi

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