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Wayne B's 2005 Impreza WRX STI s203

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Car Description:
This s203 is actually a clone of the s203 that I owned while stationed in Japan.

While I was there, I made some friends with some local Japanese car guys. When I was finally allowed to have a Japanese driver's license due to military laws, I connected with my Japanese friends and went searching for a car. Ryo and Kuni. Ryo was fluent in English and loved American Muscle, while Kuni owned an S204 and S206 Nurburgring Edition. Having previous experience with Subaru's I chose to search for a STi. Eventually was persuaded into getting the s203, thus my ownership of #200. I made many memories and stories with my newfound friends going to the local mountains basically every weekend I had off from duty. Those memories meant so much to me that I wanted to keep them, which led me to stripping the car. My time remaining in Japan was running thin not being able to find a way to ship it, stripping it felt like my only option, and rebuilding it on a donor chassis later on. So, A couple of friends and I spent a full weekend stripping it to its bare shell. I was able to keep a vast majority of items in storage before the Navy packed up all my belongings. Fast forward years and changes in my life, I found a running donor and have slowly been putting those pieces back together again. And this is where it's at now.

Circuit Motorsports built and Tuned by Stew
built motor, stock head, Blouche twin scroll 1.5XTR, stock twin scroll headers, full Tomei exhaust, s203 sprints, spec c wheels, spec c hood vent, s203 interior, s203 shifter trim #200/555, s203 shifter, titanium front strut, spec c 12L used for front mount. That's my story. Thanks for reading.

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