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Daytona International Speedway
** October 5, 2024 **

Sadie P's 2009 Impreza WRX STI

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Car Description:
E85 tuned, bagged, flared and wrapped. Was my Daily for 3 years now it gets live the easy life. It’s got an IAG block, Blouch turbo, all E85 supporting mods (FIC 1450cc injectors, COBB flex fuel kit, etc) front mount, full exhaust, IAG AOS, Whiteline parts underneath and an AirLift system. It’s been nothing but a labor of love as I have done nearly all of the work myself sans the wrap and tune and I have so many more plans for the future for it! It spent a few winters up in New York with me where I drove it through every single snow storm, and did my fair share of donuts. No more snow now, nothing but sunshine 🤘I’ve had it jump timing while driving, a wheel fall off, countless issues and rides on trailers, getting side swiped, many deer *almost* hit, but this extremely temperamental car has turned into one of the most meaningful cars I have ever owned.

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- http://www.facebook.com/Sadie Pettyjohn
- http://www.instagram.com/sades_mcgraph

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