Florida's largest Subaru enthusiast festival

Daytona International Speedway
** October 7, 2023 **

Subiefest FL 2023 Vendor Brochure

Want to know more about this year's in-person vendor offerings? Read below! Interested in vending? Click here.

Dirty Racing Products

Official Partner



About Dirty Racing Products:
Dirty Racing Products is a veteran-owned and operated online seller of over 10,000 OEM and aftermarket parts, accessories, and upgrades. We also have a shop located in North Florida that has produced some of the biggest and baddest Subarus the world has seen. We carry parts and accessories for more than 150 brands!

If you want personalized service, straight answers and best of the best for parts, service and pricing you found it! Come check us out at DirtyRacingProducts.com and follow us on social media!
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
The people, the cars, what's not to love! We love Subiefest and all of the amazing people we see, ne
Why you should come to our booth:
We pride ourselves on the level of knowledge all of our employees have, plus the combined experience. We won't lead you astray, we are here to answer your questions and help you build become a reality. We will be offering exclusive event sales just for you!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Gift Certificate for Arrive and Drive Half Day - worth $750

La Costa Motors, Inc.

Official Partner



About La Costa Motors, Inc.:
La Costa Motors is a family owned and operated company that has provides automobile repair service since 1998.
Our owner and president is a family man that has an extreme passion for what he does. Marco has over 20 years of experience in the industry, treating his customers with honesty and respect is one of the things that makes him stand out.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
Love to meet other people that share the same passion I have for this product.
Why you should come to our booth:
Come by and see what we have to offer and talk to our highly experienced staff.
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
2 Subaru JDM STI shopping bag with STI summer Teddy bear, Wawa gift card, AEM 340 fuel pump, Torque solution Billet battery tie down, torque solution billet pitch stop

Nippon Power

Official Partner



About Nippon Power:
We are Nippon Power! South Florida's Premier Source For Racing Performance Parts & Accessories!

Nippon Power was founded in 1998 by Robert and Richard Wong. We specialize in high performance parts for all import and sport compact vehicles. Nippon Power is a retailer and wholesale/distributor for the best brand name performance parts & accessories. We cater not only to South Florida, but also to customers worldwide. Our knowledgeable sales staff can provide racing solutions to help build your racing project dream to a reality. Nippon Power has been in the racing industry for over 20 years and will continue providing competitive pricing and service to our customers.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
Love meeting and interacting with Subaru's enthusiast. They are so passionate with their cars regardless it is modified or stock.
Why you should come to our booth:
Come check out our booth where we will displaying performance parts for Subaru vehicles. We will be offering sales discount at Subiefest 2023. So do not miss out. Thank you.
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
ACT Clutch


Official Partner



Step into the world of Squadra Lupo!
At the core of our company lies an unwavering passion for the exceptional and the distinctive. Our mission is to continually seek out the finest offerings in the realm of cars and. We're driven by a commitment to PRESERVING HISTORY!
We are both a distinctive car collection company and a premium dealer of the rarest classic automobiles. Within Squadra Lupo, we meticulously care for and preserve our unique cars, honoring their legacy while also unleashing their raw power.
As we embarked on our journey to excellence, we proudly introduced our Sport Plus division with a haven dedicated to top-tier brands and products designed for car preservation.
Take, for instance, our Exclusive Tire Cushions—an innovation that shields your car's tires from flat spots during periods of inactivity exceeding 30 days. This is the ultimate solution for anyone with a car or collection that deserves the best care.
That's not all—we're also the official distributors of Goodwool, an Italian-based powerhouse known for crafting the world's finest custom-made car shells. Each creation is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, and now, they're within your reach.
And there is more! because in 2022, Squadra Lupo Yachts was born to set sail to fulfill our maritime dreams. We proudly emerged as the official dealer of MAORI YACHT in America. These luxurious, one-of-a-kind yachts, crafted by the exclusive Italian Shipyard in Sardinia, are now available in Miami through our expertise.
Join us in our journey fueled by passion and a commitment to preservation!
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We want to share our passion and unique collection to the world. JOIN US!
Why you should come to our booth:
At Squadra Lupo our Mission is to preserve history. We are bringing, among many others rare cars, the most 2 uniques SUBARU IMPREZA STI 22B 1998 and SUBARY IMPREZA WRC 2003. Plus discover our SPORT PLUS Division with the finest products for Car Preservation.
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:

JBM Motorsports

Official Partner



About JBM Motorsports:
JBM is a brand founded in 2015.
Our goal is to connect with the car community by offering motorsports lifestyle apparel and accessories.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We love coming to these events because we meet amazing people each year.

Why you should come to our booth:
We have a new line of motorsports lifestyle apparel and accessories.
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Bag of Best selling items

BC racing

Official Sponsor


fb.me/BC Racing North America

About BC racing :
BC Racing Coilovers are highly customizable to allow all end-users to purchase the perfect setup for their specific needs. BC Racing understands that each driver and each vehicle have different needs. To allow customers to see their projects come to fruition, exactly how they evensong them, BC Racing offers complete customization of all coilover systems.

Each coilover can be ordered with custom spring rates, damper lengths, valving, braided line lengths for double and triple adjustable coilers, camber / caster plates, and proprietary 62 ID Swift Springs.
Why you should come to our booth:
Come by and check out our suspension displays, speak with our sales team about custom setups and pickup some limited edition merchandise.
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
(1) set of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

Karbon Kings Performance

Official Sponsor



About Karbon Kings Performance:
Karbon Kings Performance is ran by real car guys who live, breathe, and sleep automotive performance and styling. We all have different tastes in cars, which make us diverse and our different backgrounds helps us assist all customers with different purposes/builds. You may own a domestic drag/street car, stancey boi car, or a true Japanese inspired track monster - we are diverse in all fields. We are not your average "parts pushers", we are here to help you in any way shape or form with honest knowledge and expertise!
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
The vibe at this show is unlike any other. Just a friendly community of car enthusiasts coupled with a SubieEvents staff that do a phenomenal job at organizing such a large event, theres no reason not to go! Hands down one of our favorite events to attend.
Why you should come to our booth:
Huge selection of keytags, accessories, merch, and custom flags! Come check us out!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Karbon Kings Steering Wheel & Quick Release Hub

Lit Logos

Associate Sponsor



About Lit Logos:
We make OEM+ light up logos for cars! All of our logos are made in house and are Bluetooth controlled from your phone so you can select from over 100 moving color options as well as any solid color you could ever want!
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
Our motto is "build your car the way you want" and at Subiefest thats what youll find!
Why you should come to our booth:
We have updated almost all of our logos to be brighter and thinner than ever before! We will be offering Subiefest exclusive discounts and brand new subie merch! Be one of the first to pick up one of our Lit IG Logos!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
WRX Lit Logo Badge

Fresh Links

Associate Sponsor


About Fresh Links:
We provide custom keychains, air fresheners and many other products
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
Will be our first one of many to attend!
Why you should come to our booth:
We offer custom keychains and banners related to many Subaru vehicles
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Sling bag with keychains

Circuit Motorsports

Associate Sponsor



About Circuit Motorsports:
Circuit Motorsports is a Subaru Specialist Shop, with years of experience tuning the Subaru WRX & STI platforms. We specialize in performance upgrades and ECU/Dyno tuning, along with full engine builds and chassis pre - we are a true one-stop-shop for any of your Subaru performance needs!
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We love being able to get out and talk to our fellow Subaru enthusiasts and see all the newest gear and parts from fellow vendors.
Why you should come to our booth:
We will be giving away a $200 voucher for a Dyno tune through the raffle PLUS we will have a signup sheet in our tent for an extra discount on tuning and service!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Certificate for $200 off a custom dyno tune!

Velossa Tech

Associate Sponsor


About Velossa Tech:
Velossa Tech specializes in designing and manufacturing custom made ram air intakes for all vehicles. We are an American based manufacturer with all manufacturing based in the US. Our roots are aerospace engineering and our passion is automotive.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We want to connect with one of the most passionate and enthusiastic car communities on the planet!
Why you should come to our booth:
Check out our innovative products, one-of-a-kind and manufactured right here in the USA!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake (red)

Filthy Clean Apparel




About Filthy Clean Apparel:
At Filthy Clean Apparel, we're all about providing gear heads with yet another outlet to express their love for their rides. We're an automotive apparel company that specializes in creating custom car t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories designed for car lovers, by car lovers.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
The Filthy Clean team is all about community—and there's no better example of that than at SubieFest. As a locally owned custom car apparel company, we can definitely appreciate unique ride, and there is no shortage of those at this wonderful event!
Why you should come to our booth:
Be sure to stop by the Filthy Clean booth at Subiefest Florida 2023 for some rad car tees, accessories, and more! You can also enter to win a FREE custom t-shirt and hoodie featuring your Subie!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
$200 Gift Certificate

Car Visage, LLC




About Car Visage, LLC:
We're very small operation started in December 2022 with development of novelty product for 2022/23/24 Subaru Wilderness family of vehicles - Outback, Forester and Crosstrek (in progress)
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
Subiefest is the place where you can see all at once and meet a lot of great people.
Why you should come to our booth:
We hope what we do will help you to see your Subaru a little differently.
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Her Necklace DRL/Grille lights for 2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness





About DBA USA :
With over four decades of manufacturing experience and unsurpassed knowledge through research and development, DBA has positioned itself as Australia’s most awarded manufacturer and a global leader in brake rotor development and manufacturing.

With continuous improvements in engineering along with a thirst for innovation, DBA has managed to consistently redefine and deliver braking solutions for an extensive range of vehicle applications and conditions. With disc brakes, as with any safety component, there can be no short-cuts. Drivers worldwide demand DBA products for consistent, reliable and superior performance. DBA ensures this by engineering discs that are far superior to generic and aftermarket counterparts. How? DBA sets the bar in quality, tolerances, premium metals and manufacturing equipment that delivers premium quality disc brake rotors.

DBA has proudly grown from a small local Australian manufacturer and distributor to supplying disc rotors and pads across Australia, USA, Europe, The Middle East, Russia, Asia and everywhere in between. DBA’s range of direct replacement disc rotors and pads cater for street vehicles, performance upgrades, towing, 4×4 / SUV, military / armored vehicles, track and motorsport applications.

DBA still holds its performance and motorsport roots closely as it continues to supply the world with leading braking solutions.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We love coming to Wicked Big Meet because of the passion. Passion for the Subaru brand. Pasion for modifying their vehicle. DBA loves to see how everyone embraces in making their vehicle their own.
Why you should come to our booth:
Visit the DBA booth to see the new 2022 WRX brake rotor for Brembo upgrade
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Pair of DBA Street Series Brakes Discs

United Boxer Society

Subaru Club



About United Boxer Society:

We are a family oriented team with loyal members in different locations nationwide and internationally. Our brand is all about community and building long lasting relationships through fellow-shipping at different events and getting to know each other. We take care of and help each other like a family should, especially when a member is in need. We maintain a positive, uplifting environment where all members feel comfortable to be themselves. We do not endorse threats, negativity, or any malicious intent.

We are all about building total solidarity as we grow. We pride ourselves in being a dynamic team that has amazing individuals who represent United Boxer Society by staying loyal to each other because our values combine physical, emotional, and consistent elements into one experience. 

When you successfully build a connection with your family, while building a solid foundation of brand via comradely, members feel appreciated. But achieving that connection is no easy task, and to succeed one must remain true to their core values and always strive to create a family that members and sponsors are proud to be associated with.


 Our values represent the solid foundation of who we are:

Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Love, Discipline, Fairness and most of all, Fun!
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We love attending Subiefest events across the nation and we are excited to be part of such an awesome event taking place here again. We love Being around the Subaru community and just sharing the love, which it is what it's all about. We also love to let others know what The United Boxer Society brand is all about and what we do in the community.
Why you should come to our booth:
Subaru Cooler full of goodies
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Gift Card

Boxer Squad

Subaru Club



About Boxer Squad:
Team Boxer Squad is more than a team, but a family of Subaru enthusiasts that place value in customization and modification to distinguish each member from the rest. From show to track and off-road, each build shows the individuality of all our members. Established in 2017 Boxer Squad started in the Los Angeles area and has recently added new chapters reaching to the east coast. The team has weekly meets and regularly attends car shows, bringing large numbers and winning multiple awards. Spots are limited but if you are interested in joining we encourage you to send us a DM on Instagram @Team_boxer_squad , @Team_boxer_squad_sg_valley , or @Team_boxer_squad_ie
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
Subiefest gives our team the chance to show of our cars and meet other teams and owners in hopes to grow our family. We love to see the vendors come out every year with discounted parts and new ideas for our builds.
Why you should come to our booth:
We are stoked to show off some cool cars and talk to people about our team and involvement in the subaru community!! We would love to provide refreshments throughout the event and give everyone a good time!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Custom Alternator Cover

Boxer Engine Florida

Subaru Club


fb.me/Boxer Engine FL

About Boxer Engine Florida :
We are a family oriented Subaru group. All models are welcomed. Judgement free zone and plan events for members and their families to join.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We love going to Subiefest Florida because it shows us the different unique builds!
Why you should come to our booth:
We are looking for members throughout central and south Florida to grow our subie family!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Carbon fiber Subaru badge($70) and black WRX letters ($35)

Scenic City Subies and Friends

Subaru Club



About Scenic City Subies and Friends:
We are a Chattanooga based Subaru enthusiat group that hosts all kinds of driving events, cookouts, photoshoots, cars and coffee, touge runs and more for our group. We also attend other organization's events like SUBIEFEST, Import Alliance, Slammed Enuff and Riverside shows.
Why we love Subiefest Florida:
We look forward to the ALL SUBIE event to make lifelong connections with fellow enthusiasts!
Why you should come to our booth:
We love to talk cars, have some of the friendlist and most knowledgeable members and some great cars with us to boot. We would love to meet you and brain storm to help grow our group events and see what else everyone is doing in the Southeast!
What we're giving away at Subiefest FL 2023:
Clothing item, decal and coozie