The Midwest's All-Subaru
Shootout and Showoff

Route 66 Raceway - Joliet, IL
** July 21, 2019 **

Subi Vibes

Associate Sponsor

About Subi Vibes:
We started this brand to express how we aspire to be each day: carefree and adventurous. Family and friends mean everything to us. By creating Subi Vibes, it has allowed us to develop the most incredible lifelong friendships. This brand is so much more than a business to us; it's about the people we've met along the way and the bonds we've formed with the most unbelievable human beings. It's also about having fun, chilling out, enjoying life and getting the most out of each day.

Explore-Post-Share Your Adventures!

Why we love Subiefest Midwest:
We love coming to these events because we meet the most amazing people each year! We get to share our love for Subaru and life by bringing Subi Vibes to you!

Why you should come to our booth at SFMW 2019:
Visit Subi Vibes for awesome deals on decals and banners! 2 for $10 decals! 2 for $25 banners! We sell Subaru enthusiast clothing for the entire family!

What we're giving away at SFMW 2019:
Subaru Outdoor Couch & Roll up Outdoor Blanket!

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