The Midwest's Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival

Route 66 Raceway - Joliet, IL
** September 8, 2024 **

Six Star Motorsports

Official Partner

About Six Star Motorsports:
At Six Star Motorsports, we aren’t just your ordinary performance shop. We handle everything from basic maintenance to fully built motors for your Subaru. From start to finish, your car will be treated like it is one of our own.

Opened back in 2010 in a 1500 square foot facility, the humble beginnings of a shop were simple…. Show the masses that they can get great service at a great rate with great support behind it! Proving over the years that we are not a one trick pony, we’ve had huge success throughout the motorsports avenues from drag racing 9 second subies to time-attack campaigns with NASA and Gridlife or maybe your interests are in Autocross or Rallycross which we have also embarked on and created podium finishers!

From the phone call to the email to the sit-down consultation all the way to the build-plan and then to the dyno and cheers! We will start your plan of success with the Subaru platform like no one else. Our methods are inspired by years of success fortified with integrity and humble acknowledgement of who we are. At our core we are, we are the same as everyone else. We just want to go fast; in a tasteful way of course so we treat your cars as we’d treat our own! Reliability, consistency and quality are what we strive to achieve in our goals as a business to make sure YOU, the clients are ensured the best overall experience that can be had. You are not an invoice to us as we don’t want to be just a shop to you ?

Whether you are a first time client or one of the regulars we are always here to help from the most minor detail to the most extravagant adventures. Tech support, intellectual part association or simply a shoulder to lean on if your bottom end just went knocking, we’ll be here so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

Why we love Subiefest Midwest:
As a vendor, Subiefest is the place to get down with the locals and all the enthusiasts willing and wanting to be part of something. It's a nostalgic reminder of the days in the late 90's and early 00's when people just wanted to be a part of a culture and not be judged or casted out of being different.

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